Tuesday, August 26, 2008

TWD: Chocolate Banded Ice Cream Torte

Chocolate and Ice Cream...2 words I am very familiar with. Who wouldn't be excited about making a dessert that included both?!

I was really proud of myself this week...I made it early (because we were going out of town and I knew I would be too tired when I returned) and I only made 1/4 of the recipe (therefore, eating very little!)

The hardest part about this recipe is the time requirement. You have to freeze each layer before adding the next one. My variations lead me to use chocolate chip ice cream since it was already in the freezer. I still wanted the flavor of a liquor and the raspberries that Dorie uses. So, in one layer of ice cream, I mixed in amaretto and the other layer I mixed in a raspberry syrup. I just eye balled both amounts and later wished I had use more of both because the chocolate was very rich. I have found that Dorie loves bittersweet chocolate and I prefer semi sweet so I always adjust accordingly. This week I think I would have preferred Dorie's palate.

I made mine in a ramekin and since it doesn't have a removable bottom I lined it with parchment paper. I loved the way it looked when I pulled it out. A very eye catching dessert!

I did enjoy this recipe but I plan to play with it some more in the future. To quote my husband, "I enjoyed it. A little rich but tasty and decadent!"

This week's recipe was selected for us by Amy of Food, Family and Fun. You can see other torte variations by checking out the TWD blog roll!


The Food Librarian said...

Excellent idea to use the parchment paper! Looks great. The different colors are really striking!

Mike Spoodles said...

Love the easy-lift dessert and the multi-colored tiers! I wasn't big on the springform pan, and I should have gone with a more interesting/servable shape or individual ramekins. Oh well! I'll just learn from your example for next time.

Teanna said...

I wish I did mine in a ramekin! Yours looks so good!

Jules Someone said...

Looks good. I like the multi colored layers.

SiHaN said...

i love the picture whilst the torte is still in the parchment papers. the colored layers look spectacular! great job!

Barbara said...

That's so pretty! It looks like a Neapolitan (strawberry, vanilla & chocolate).

I agree, the ice cream needs a strong flavor to stand up against the intense chocolate layer. And a little of this goes a long way!