Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mom 2's Meatballs!

Every year Jake's parents host an open house around the holidays. Since we moved away from home this year, they planned the party during our time at home so we would be able to be there and see all of our friends. I offered to help my mother-in-law with the cooking preparation. The menu was simple but it did include her meatballs. Everyone loves her meatballs and sauce.
There is not really a recipe written down as much of it is in her head and done by sight. I was excited to learn how she makes hers because I am going to try making my very own in the near future.
This is a picture from my kitchen last night when Jake and I ate some of the leftovers that were sent home with us. I just wanted to show off my hard work. I rolled 20 pounds of ground beef into meatballs!!

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